The National Hamster Council and affiliated clubs

The National Hamster Council is a governing body of the hamster fancy in the United Kingdom, representing the interests of all concerned with the keeping, exibiting and /or breeding of all species of hamsters.

Established in 1949, the National Hamster Council is the oldest such organisation in the world, and it's member clubs cover the whole of the United Kingdom, with members throughout the world.

With an established network of experienced and knowledgeable officers and advisors, the National Hamster Council and it's affiliated clubs offer benefits to everyone interested in all breeds of hamsters. The clubs orgainse regular shows in all areas of the counrty, where everyone is welcome.

The National Hamster Council has a wealth of experience and expertise within the organisation, with many members having kept, bread and exibited hamsters for over thirty years. This unique pool of knowledge is made available to every member, through the monthly journal, information sheets and by personal contact.

Affiliated clubs:- Midland Hamster Club

                      Club Secretary  Mrs Sue Carter

                          Northern Hamster Club
                    Club Secretary  Mrs Sue Kilburn.
                          Southern Hamster Club

                     Club Secretary  Wendy Barry